The next big thing in mobile payment methods

The next big thing in mobile payment methods

Over the last few years we have witnessed a number of changes in the online gambling industry, many of them in response to developments in technology designed partly to make our lives more efficient.

The next big thing in mobile payment methods

As fintech began to really take off, online gambling operators began to take advantage of offering relevant payment methods such as PayPal or Skrill. However, not even the savviest gambler could have been prepared for what came next.

A major leap forward

As mobile phone usage increased considerably and online casinos noticed a huge spike in customers using their mobiles to gamble, mobile payment services providers sprang into action, noticing a gap in the market.

The likes of Boku quickly made it possible for customers to deposit via their mobile phones, which saved a huge amount of time using the traditional methods and simply added this onto a customer’s phone bill each time.

Customers are simply required to have a smartphone and then to enter their mobile phone number when they wish to make a deposit and then carrying on playing and this usually takes no less than five seconds.

How pay by mobile phone bill makes for a smoother experience

This next generation method has a number of benefits, and not just to a player’s gameplay. While traditional online casinos require a player to have a bank card handy to register and play, all a player needs to know is their number, which is easily accessible. It makes it highly convenient.

One of the main concerns for most people when it comes to paying for things online, directly using their bank accounts, is security. While many reputable websites are generally secure, it only takes one determined and very smart hacker with a grudge to get through a website’s security payment gateway and access customer bank details.

Utilising the highly sophisticated pay by mobile method though, takes away any concern. Because this is simply added onto your bill, there is no need whatsoever to part with any bank details, so customers can have full confidence in their security.

When new payment systems come along, many consumers often worry about transaction fees and this is sometimes true with a variety of the new fintech payment gateways, however using the pay by mobile system doesn’t present that problem. You get to play with whatever you deposit and it is simply added onto your monthly phone bill.

Here to stay? You bet

There is no reason at all to suggest that this new technology will disappear. With personal financial safety continuously a continuous issue for people still, the pay by mobile method eases concerns.

The fact that even some of the biggest online casino operators are now starting to implement this goes a long way to providing assurances that this could well become one the most popular ways of making transactions while engaging in online casino activity.

These include Mr Green and NetBet among a number of others, both highly reputable online casino brands with a significant customer base and geographical reach. Both are generally always at the cutting edge of online casino developments so it is no surprise to see them adopting the pay by phone bill method.

In the UK especially, customers appreciate convenience and society as a whole has become more impatient. The suggestion that there isn’t a pay by phone casino UK market is ludicrous, considering that mobile phones are the main tool that people use to gamble.

At one point, just simply paying for something online was considered groundbreaking and extraordinary and it won’t be long before the pay by phone method is accepted as the ‘norm’.


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