Can My Bank Stop Me From Gambling

Can My Bank Stop Me From Gambling?

In the UK, banks cannot stop players from using their money on a debit card to gamble. However, players do have the power to block gambling transactions from their account. If you think you may have a gambling problem or addiction, this could be a necessary step to help you curb your gambling.

Learn more below about stopping gambling transactions from your bank account and other responsible gambling services available online.

Can My Bank Stop Me From Gambling

How to Block Gambling Transactions from Your Bank Account

It is now easier than ever before to block gambling transactions from your bank account. Most banks offer a range of services to restrict your access to these sites and depositing cash in them. Every bank will have a way to offer this to you and so you will need to contact your banking provider to see exactly how to put this service into place. For the most part, each gambling transaction blocking service works in a similar way and can either be accessed via your bank account online or your mobile banking app.

Freezing only gambling transactions is available at the vast majority of banks. Some will allow you to unfreeze your bank card instantly, while others may require a waiting period of up to three days. Furthermore, you may be required to speak with the customer support team when looking to unfreeze gambling transactions. In these circumstances, the bank may stop you from gambling if they determine your circumstances haven’t changed.


UK Banks Gambling Blocking Services

Some of the most widely used banks in the UK provide gambling blocking services. What’s more, many provide information and access to gambling addiction organisations. Here is what you can expect from the top UK banks and the gambling blocking tools they offer:

  • Lloyds Bank – players can get quick access to Gamban as well as the opportunity to freeze transactions on both their debit and credit cards
  • Bank of Scotland – players can immediately freeze their card to stop gambling transactions. To unfreeze their account, it can take up to three days. It also promotes Gamban and links to gambling support groups
  • HSBC – players can place gambling restrictions on their bank cards. During the cool off period, players can reverse the gambling restrictions but transactions will still be declined for a set period of time
  • Royal Bank of Scotland – players can specifically block gambling transactions
  • Barclays – players can block gambling transactions from their debit card and this also includes gambling apps
  • Natwest – players can download the Natwest banking app and freeze their debit card of gambling transactions
  • Santander – Players can freeze gambling transactions on their bank card
  • Starling Bank – players can simply freeze gambling transactions from the Starling Bank app
  • Monzo – gambling transactions can be frozen and only unfrozen after speaking to the Monzo customer support team who will require answers to questions on whether the player’s situation has changed. Check out our recommended Monzo casinos list.
  • Halifax – players can access Gamban, use financial trackers, get advice and freeze gambling payments instantly. Unfreezing your card takes two days

No matter which bank you are with, if you find gambling is becoming a problem in your life, there are plenty of tools available that will help you stop.


What is Gamban?

Although banks won’t stop you from gambling unless you request gambling transactions to be blocked, many will direct you towards help from organisations such as Gamban. This is software that can be installed across your devices and blocks you from accessing gambling sites. Players can effectively self-exclude themselves from gambling sites which is the most effective way to halt a gambling problem.

Downloading Gamban in conjunction with blocking gambling transactions via your bank provider is one of the simplest ways to avoid online gambling.


Can My Bank Stop Me from Gambling with a Credit Card?

In the UK, players cannot use a credit card to gamble and gambling sites must not accept this as a form of payment. This includes using credit cards for online casino games and bingo as well as high street casinos.

Players cannot try to get around this rule by funding an e-wallet with money from a credit card. This will also not be accepted as a form of payment by the casino.


Can I Have Gambling Transactions on My Bank Statements?

Yes, you can have gambling transactions on your bank statement. It is not illegal to gamble in the UK and so it is perfectly acceptable to make these payments from your bank account. However, players should be aware that mortgage lenders will examine these transactions to ensure they are gambling responsibly.

In the UK, the rules are very simple. Banks cannot prevent you from using your money to gamble but there are restrictions on using a credit card to gamble. Furthermore, there is a wide range of problem gambling services offered by banks, with the most common being a freeze on gambling transactions. If you think you may be suffering from a gambling addiction, contact your bank today to see how they can help you as well as downloading Gamban across your devices.


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