How Can I Gamble in Las Vegas Without Cash

How Can I Gamble in Las Vegas Without Cash?

Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital and there are many different ways that you can place a bet. The majority of players will use cash, however, there are still other options for those who want to gamble in Vegas without cash.

To learn more about other options available to you when trying to gamble in Las Vegas without cash, carry on reading.

How Can I Gamble in Las Vegas Without Cash

Gamble with Your Bank Card

One of the easiest ways to gamble in Las Vegas without withdrawing cash is via your bank card. This can be a debit card and you can use it to purchase chips that can then be played on all your favourite casino games. At the majority of casinos, you must buy chips or casino credit to use on their range of games.

If you are going to use a bank card to gamble, stick to simply using this and do not use the ATMs at the casinos if you can avoid it. These ATMs charge much higher withdrawal fees than your normal machine and should be avoided at all costs. Players should also be aware that you cannot use credit cards in Las Vegas casinos to gamble as it is prohibited by Nevada state law.


Should I Use Card or Cash When Gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that was built on gambling with cash and so, for now, it is still the predominant way in which players place bets. When you play with cash, you do not have to worry about using expensive ATMs that can charge you up to $10 each time you withdraw. There may also be fees applied by your bank each time you make a withdrawal. This is why many players will take enough cash with them to Las Vegas that they have budgeted for so they do not have to worry about these fees.


How to Gamble for Free in Las Vegas

If you are looking to gamble without cash in Las Vegas, another way you can do so is by looking for free alternatives. An easy way to get free gambling credit is by signing up to any player clubs or loyalty programs as these generally come with free gameplay for you to claim.

Another large part of the gambling experience in Las Vegas is the drinks that come along with it. Getting free drinks in Vegas is easy as all you need to do is bet on casino games and give the waitress a small tip to keep the drinks flowing. While the drinks are not completely free, playing on the penny slots is the cheapest way to enjoy drinks while gambling in Vegas without a lot of cash.

Did you know that many casinos in Vegas offer free gambling lessons? This is a great way for beginners to get to know the game and can save you lots of money in the long run as you will know exactly what you are doing.


How to Use Freeplay in Vegas Casinos

Freeplay is a form of gambling credit that can be obtained at many casinos in Las Vegas. As we mentioned before, you can get this by signing up for a hotel’s loyalty scheme. Then, the more you gamble, the more freeplay points you can earn which means you do not have to use any cash when gambling in Vegas! Simply enter your freeplay card into the slot or video machine that you want to play along with your PIN. This will track your spending so you can earn points to be converted into more freeplay or you can activate any freeplay balance that you already have.


The Cashless Future of Las Vegas

More and more hotels and casinos are setting up the technology that will allow for cashless gambling. For example, The Cosmopolitan has become the first hotel on the strip to offer ApplePay payments at their contactless pay point terminals. Guests at the hotel will be able to use ApplePay to pay for their hotel room, bar bills and more. However, it is still not available to pay for gambling bets but this may change in the future as hotels adopt this new technology.

While there are still ways in which you can gamble in Las Vegas without cash, such as debit cards or getting freebies, this is a town where cash is king. You will see that over the years more and more casinos are accepting debit card payments due to the associated fees, but most players will still opt to play with cash. Remember, credit cards are not an option to gamble with in Vegas and it is prohibited by law.


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