Can I Use A Prepaid Credit Card to Gamble Online

Can I Use A Prepaid Credit Card to Gamble Online?

While credit cards cannot be used to gamble at online casinos in the UK, players still have the option to use many different types of prepaid cards. Prepaid cards provide players with a secure way to deposit cash without worrying about exceeding their budget.

To find out more about using prepaid cards to gamble online, carry on reading.

Can I Use A Prepaid Credit Card to Gamble Online

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card, or a prepaid credit card, is simply a card that allows you to load money onto it and then use it to make deposits at your favourite online casinos. They work in a very similar way to a normal bank card, however, players can only spend the amount of money loaded onto the card and cannot get themselves into debt as the card is not linked to their bank account. While you can use this payment method for deposits at online casinos, you will not be able to use it for withdrawals.

Players can get prepaid cards from their bank, online or even at some retail stores. If your chosen online casino accepts cards such as Visa and Mastercard, it will most likely accept prepaid credit cards. However, this differs at each casino and you will need to check before signing up that they offer prepaid card deposits.


Are Prepaid Cards Safe?

Prepaid cards are highly secure and one of the safest payment methods you can use when gambling online. This type of payment method allows you to make a deposit without having to enter any sensitive banking information. Players will have peace of mind knowing that their payment method is not connected to their bank account and so this cannot be accessed by fraudsters. At the very worst, if a player were to lose their card all they would potentially lose is the money loaded onto it.


Do Prepaid Cards Have Fees?

The good news is that online casinos do not normally charge players a fee for making deposits with a prepaid card. However, depending on the type of prepaid card you are using, the company may charge you a fee. This could be a fee for topping up the card, a fee for prepaid card accounts that lie dormant for a specific amount of time or fees on any currency conversions.

Before signing up to use a prepaid card, always check exactly what the fees are with your provider so you do not get any nasty surprises later on down the line.


What are the Best Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling?

As we previously mentioned, there are many different prepaid cards available for you to choose from. Here are some of the best prepaid cards available for you to choose from and that can be used at lots of UK online casinos:

  • Visa prepaid card – this is a reloadable card that is widely available and can be used at most online casinos. Players can also get a one-off prepaid card and all deposits are made instantly
  • Mastercard pre-paid card – Mastercard is one of the most reputable brands in the world and offers both one-off and reloadable prepaid cards. You will find that this type of card is available to use at the vast majority of online casinos
  • Paysafecard prepaid card – Paysafecard is a type of e-voucher that can be purchased online or in a retail store. If you buy in a store, you will now have to register the voucher online to use it. It is a widely recognised brand that is known for providing secure deposits

These are the most popular prepaid card options available to choose from today. However, other brands are offering similar products such as the PayPal prepaid card, the Skrill prepaid card and the American Express prepaid card (check our list of American Express casinos). Each card offers a similar service and players can choose the one that best suits their gambling deposit requirements.


The Advantages of Using a Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are one of the online casino world’s top payment methods for a reason. They have a wide range of advantages that make them a go to option for many players. Here are some of the pros you can expect when using a prepaid card to gamble online:

  • Security – prepaid cards allow you to make online deposits without entering any banking details so you do not have to risk any sensitive information
  • Fees – there are little to no fees associated with most prepaid cards
  • Responsible gambling – players can only gamble the amount of money that is loaded onto their card which helps promote responsible gambling and staying within your budget
  • Accessibility – prepaid cards are available at a wide array of online casinos which makes them easily accessible for most players
  • Speed – deposits are made instantly when using a prepaid card

Prepaid cards make it fast, easy and secure to make deposits at your favourite gambling sites.


The Disadvantages of Using a Prepaid Card

Although there are plenty of great reasons to use a prepaid card, it may not be the most suitable payment option for every player. Here are some of the potential disadvantages of using a prepaid card to gamble online:

  • Withdrawals – the biggest disadvantage of using a prepaid card is that it cannot be used for withdrawals. You will have to use another available payment method when claiming your winnings at an online casino
  • Accessibility – while prepaid cards are now available at a lot of online casinos, they are not available everywhere
  • Exclusions – before claiming any welcome bonuses or promotions, check the terms and conditions as some casinos may exclude prepaid card deposits from being eligible for these offers
  • Deposit limits – prepaid cards usually have lower deposit limits compared to other payment methods and so they may not be the best option for high rolling players

Players should consider both the pros and cons of using a prepaid card before deciding whether they want to use this payment method to deposit at online casinos.

Overall, it is easy to see why so many players opt to use prepaid cards when gambling online. They offer additional security, are easily accessible, have limited to no fees and many reputable brands offer them. If you are happy to use another payment method for your withdrawal, then it is worth giving this payment method a shot.


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