How Boku Compares to Other Payment Providers

How Boku Compares to Other Payment Providers

Let’s face it: there are absolutely loads of different ways to deposit money at online casino sites. Of these, Boku is one of the best. This mobile payment provider allows players to deposit money using their mobile phone bill, simply tacking on the cost of the deposit to the player’s monthly phone payment.

How Boku Compares to Other Payment Providers

With so many other options though, how do you know if Boku is for you? Well, to help you out, we’ve created this short page on how Boku compares to some of the other popular payment options out there.


The first thing to look at is convenience, and you’ll find that Boku sits at the top of the tree in this area. Imagine the scene: you’re on the bus, trying to deposit money using a mobile. Paying by card leads to an awkward juggle as you hold the card and phone, as well as input the required data. You could use an e-wallet instead, but remembering usernames and passwords has never been your strong point. Boku solves these problems though. Just tap in your phone number and respond to a text, then the deposit is made – it really is as simple as that.


Next up is security, and this is another area where Boku excels. When you use this payment method, you won’t be required to input banking details anywhere online, meaning that there’s no chance of them getting stolen. This is not the case when it comes to credit/debit cards and e-wallets though, meaning that the only commonly seen option offering comparable security is Paysafecard. If you value security above everything else when playing at online casinos, you really should consider playing at one of the many pay by Boku casino sites.

Transaction Speed

Transaction speed is the next thing to look at, and there’s yet more good news, as Boku performs incredibly well in this category. In fact, you should find that all deposits made by Boku are instant, meaning that you can play casino games as soon as possible. Remember that this is also the case for most other payment options though, so this doesn’t necessarily mark Boku out as the top way to pay at casinos.


Fees are important to players, as they want to have as much money left over as possible to play slots and other games with. While Boku themselves don’t charge any fees, this can’t be said for the casinos. Most sites will charge players a 15% fee for using this method. This means that you’ll pay £1.50 for every £10 you deposit. This means that Boku is one of the more expensive payment methods out there. We think the extra fees are worth it though, thanks to the extra security and convenience it brings.

Deposit Limits

Finally, we come to deposit limits, and this is where Boku struggles slightly. Most other payment methods can be used to make deposits at casinos worth thousands, however Boku can only be used to make a maximum of £30 worth of transactions a day. This won’t be enough for high rollers – in fact, it might not be enough for mid-level players either. For most though, who simply want to spend a few pounds here and there on casino games, Boku should be perfect.

There you have it: a comprehensive look at how Boku compares to the other payment methods out there. After reading, you should realise that this method has a number of advantages, which is why it’s so popular. Why not use Boku when you next need to deposit and see what all the fuss is about?


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