Paying online with credit card

Do Banks Allow Online Gambling?

If you are a player in the UK, then banks do allow online gambling. However, this comes with some caveats that players should be aware of before they get started playing. Using your bank to make deposits at online casinos is a fast and secure way to enjoy playing your favourite games online without worry.

For more information about using your bank account to fund your online gambling and alternative payment method available, carry on reading.

Paying online with credit card

How to Use Your Bank to Online Gamble

The good news is that if you are in the UK, online gambling is legal and so players are free to use their bank accounts to gamble. Players can do this either by using a debit card to make deposits or through a bank wire transfer. While bank wire transfers for withdrawals can be a lengthy process, it is still very popular amongst players as it is safe and secure.

Unfortunately, players are no longer able to gamble online using a credit card connected to their bank account. This is due to new laws introduced by the UK Gambling Commission. These laws set out by the government are strict on the use of credit cards in online gambling and banned it completely. This is to help promote responsible gambling and ensure the safety of players.


Make a Deposit with Your Debit Card

When you use your bank account to make a deposit at an online casino, most players will opt to do this by using a debit card. This takes just a few minutes to do:

  1. Log into your online casino account
  2. Head on over to the banking section
  3. Choose the debit card and enter the amount you want to deposit
  4. Enter your debit card details
  5. The money will instantly be transferred to your casino account
  6. Enjoy playing your favourite slots and casino games!

Debit cards can also be used to make withdrawals. This process is simple too and once you have requested the withdrawal it can take up to five working days for your bank to process it. If you opt for a withdrawal using bank wire transfer, then the withdrawal process can be longer at up to seven working days. There are normally no fees to make deposits or withdrawals using this payment method but players should always check the terms and conditions to be sure.


The Pros and Cons of Using Debit Card at Online Gambling Sites

The easiest way to use your bank account to gamble online is to do so with your debit card. This is easily one of the most popular payment methods amongst online gamblers today and if you choose to use this payment method, you can expect the following pros and cons.


Here are some of the pros that you may get when using this payment method:

  • Fast – when using your bank and debit card to make a deposit, it is very fast and the money will be transferred instantly
  • Fees – there are little to no fees applied when using your bank account to make a deposit at an online casino. This means you get to keep more of your deposit and withdrawals
  • Withdrawals – both debit card and bank wire transfer are available payment options at online casinos when making a withdrawal
  • Accessibility – the vast majority of online casinos will provide this as a payment method
  • Convenience – most players will already have a bank account and debit card ready to use to make deposits. What’s more, there is no need to start creating accounts with other forms of payment such as e-wallets as you can simply enter your debit card details to make the transaction
  • Security – when you pay with your bank account, you will have increased levels of security and protection to protect you against scam casinos


Here are some of the cons you may experience when using this payment method:

  • Withdrawal times – when using this payment method, withdrawal times can be longer than alternatives such as e-wallet.  It can take up to five working days for a debit card withdrawal to be processed and up to seven working days for a bank wire transfer
  • Fees – some online casinos may charge a fee for withdrawals made using this payment method. This information will be stated in the terms and conditions
  • Sensitive information – some players may be uncomfortable with entering their baking information at an online casino

Using your bank account for online gambling has both its advantages and disadvantages. This is a suitable payment method for many players and provides easy online gambling transactions.


Alternative Online Gambling Payment Methods

If you do not think using your bank account to online gamble is the right payment method for you, there are many other alternatives to choose from. Here are some of the top payment options found at UK online casinos.

Pay By Phone

One of the most popular payment methods used by online gamblers is pay by phone. Pay by phone allows you to make a deposit using just your UK SIM card and mobile phone number. This deposited amount will then be added to your monthly phone bill to pay later. It should be noted that this payment method cannot be used for withdrawals. This payment method provides additional layers of security as you do not need to enter your banking details at the casino. If you want to find one of the best pay by phone bill casinos available to join today, check out our reviews.


There are many e-wallet payment options to choose from at online casinos such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. These each work in a similar way. Players can create an account with their e-wallet of choice and then link this to their bank account. This act as the middle man between your bank account and casino account when making a deposit. It has become a top choice of payment method for players as it provides fast and secure payments with limited fees.


e-Vouchers can be purchased online or at a physical store. Each voucher will have a specific number than can then be entered at the casino and the money will be transferred from your voucher to the casino account. This payment method is very secure and fast but cannot be used for withdrawals.


We hope this article has answered any questions you may have regarding banks allowing online gambling transactions in the UK.


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