5 Reasons to Play Mobile Slots today

5 Reasons to Play Mobile Slots today

Combining two exciting things – mobile phones and slots makes for one of the best casino experiences. Imagine being able to play online slots from your mobile phone from anywhere with an internet connection.

5 Reasons to Play Mobile Slots today

Well, you can! In fact, it is considered as one of the most popular ways to play and as a result, game providers have realised this and have adjusted their approach accordingly! Let’s take a look at five of the best reasons to play mobile slots. Intrigued? Read on below and discover why!

Access to better and exclusive bonuses

Bonuses at online casinos are a huge draw, especially for new customers, though when you play via mobile, sometimes online casinos reward you with access to better bonuses than you would usually get than if you were playing via desktop or tablet.

You may not even find out about these mobile-only bonuses unless you visit a particular online casino on your mobile phone, so it is always worth exploring different sites on occasion to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything. While a desktop bonus might be a deposit bonus, if you sign up via mobile, you might get added perks such as free spins or additional credit.

Play slots on the move from anywhere

This is a main reason to play slots via your mobile phone. The freedom of not being tied to a computer, where you may have to be stationary means that you can enjoy playing from anywhere!

Whether you are commuting to and from work, stood in a queue, or in a cafe having something to eat, this is a great way to pass the time and who knows, you may even hit the jackpot. It even allows for a group of you to play together in close quarters and compare your style because you can easily see each other’s screens.

Game designers shift to focus on mobile

With most of the main game designers and suppliers such as Playtech and NetEnt realising that mobile was becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers, they began making their slots games even more mobile friendly, even to the point where they focused just as much, if not more attention on mobile versions.

With mobile phone manufacturers also making handsets with bigger screens, game designers began to capitalise on this by producing games with even more stunning graphics and imagery as a way to entice more customers to play using mobile. Some slots are also only exclusively available to mobile players, while this applies to in-game bonuses as well.

Pay by mobile phone bill

One of the biggest advantages to play mobile slots is the potential convenience created by the payment method. With many phone bill slots available now from more and more online casino operators, which essentially means that you can pay through your mobile phone bill, it has never been more convenient.

All that is required is that if you need or want to deposit at any point you are playing slots, you simply need to select the pay by mobile phone bill option and then you are prompted to enter your phone number and the amount you wish to deposit. Following this, you then receive a text message immediately after asking you to confirm and you carry on playing!

Mobile Apps

Nearly every online casino operator has their very own mobile casino app, which is available to download from the Android or IOS store. This means that you simply click on the app to start playing without having to worry about doing an internet search. Online casinos put a lot of effort into making sure their apps are of top quality, so you can rest assured that your slot experience will reflect this!


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