How Do Boku Mobile Casino Payments Work?

How Do Boku Mobile Casino Payments Work?

Are you a fan of playing casino games using your mobile device? If so, you might know that there are many ways to make deposits and one of these is Boku. Boku is one of the largest processors of mobile transactions in the UK and it’s offered at many great mobile casino sites, including many of those recommended at Paybyphonebillcasino. On this page, we’ll let you know exactly how to use Boku at online casinos, so keep on reading!How Do Boku Mobile Casino Payments Work?

What is Boku?

Boku is one of the largest mobile payment processing companies in the UK and you’ll find that it is offered as a payment method at many different online casinos. It was founded back in 2009, however it is only recently that pay by mobile has become a popular way to deposit at online casino sites. They work in partnership with all the UK’s largest mobile phone networks, ensuring that payments can be processed quickly and easily.

How to Deposit Using Boku

Depositing using Boku really is incredibly easy and it will only take you a matter of seconds. The first thing you’ll need to do is head to the banking section of your casino and select the Boku option. You will then be prompted to enter the amount of money you want to deposit (the maximum is £30), as well as your mobile phone number.

You’ll then need to wait a few seconds, until you receive a text message. This message will be from Boku and it’s their way of ensuring that nobody else can add funds to the account. You will need to reply “Y” to the message in order to confirm that you authorise the payment to go ahead. Once you’ve done this, the money will appear in your online casino account almost instantly. That’s it – we told you it was a really easy way to deposit!

Withdrawing Money

If you’re in the lucky position of being able to withdraw funds, you unfortunately will not be able to do so using Boku. This is because Boku is only available for deposits. What do you do if you want to withdraw then? Well, you’ll have to nominate another withdrawal method and most people choose credit/debit card, simply because it’s the easiest withdrawal option. If you don’t feel comfortable inputting your card details at a casino though, we’d recommend using an e-wallet instead, such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill.

Boku Fees

As with most other options, you will have to pay fees when you deposit using Boku. This fee won’t be charged by Boku though – instead, the online casino will charge you, in order to pass on the cost of them accepting this payment method. But how much will you need to pay? Well, most sites charge 15% of the transaction amount, so you’ll basically pay £1.50 for every £10 you deposit. This makes Boku one of the more expensive ways to deposit, however the fact it’s so simple and secure more than makes up for this.


That’s all there really is to say about Boku, and by now you should realise that this is a really good way to pay at online casinos. After all, is there any method more convenient for those playing casino games using their mobile? If you want to start using Boku when you play at casinos, why not take a look through our list of the best Boku casinos today?


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