Can I Transfer My Phone Credit to My Bank Account

Can I Transfer My Phone Credit to My Bank Account?

Unfortunately, if you are looking to transfer your phone credit to your bank account, this will not be possible. However, there are ways in which you can use your phone to make deposits online, for example, at online casinos.

To find out more about how to use your phone credit to make online transactions, alternative ways to use up your phone credit plus the pros and cons of using this payment method, carry on reading.

Can I Transfer My Phone Credit to My Bank Account

How to Use Up My Phone Credit

While you cannot in the UK move your remaining phone credit to your bank account, there are still other options on what you can do with it if you are looking to move to another mobile network. This includes:

  • Spend it – the easiest option is simply to spend any remaining phone credit you have and then have your mobile number transferred to your new network. You can use a service such as Boku to pay for services such as Spotify or to make a purchase in the Google Play Store, Windows Store, PlayStation Store and more
  • Keep it – if you do not want to move your mobile number to a new network, there is always the option to keep the SIM card with the remaining phone credit on it stored away to be used at another time. However, if you go with this option you will need to check for any credit expiry dates or account inactivity fees
  • Donate it – many people are unaware that they can donate their phone credit to charity. This can be done via SMS text message and there is usually a minimum donation that can be sent. For example, charities that receive donations via text include Save the Children and Cancer Research UK
  • Transfer it – while you cannot transfer phone credit to a bank account, if you are staying with the same network, you may be able to transfer the phone credit to your new account

Users can consider each of these options when trying to decide how to use up any remaining phone credit.


How to Pay with Phone Credit

Paying with phone credit has become a very popular way to complete transactions online. As long as you are with one of the UK’s major networks, accessing pay by phone credit services will be easy. Here is your step by step guide on using a pay by phone credit payment system at an online casino:

  1. Log in to your online casino account
  2. Visit the banking area and choose to make a deposit
  3. Choose a pay by phone option such as Boku
  4. Enter how much you want to deposit and your mobile phone number
  5. You will receive an SMS message to confirm the transaction
  6. Enter the code from the SMS message to authorise the payment
  7. The deposit will instantly be transferred from your phone credit balance to the casino

If you are not using pay with phone credit to make online casino payments, the deposit process will still be very similar. For users who use a pay as you go SIM card, the balance will instantly be deducted once the payment has been authorised. However, if you are on a pay monthly contract, the deposited amount will be added to your monthly phone bill for you to pay altogether.


Why Should I Pay with Phone Credit?

There are many advantages to paying by mobile and it is easy to see why so many people are opting to make online transactions using this payment method. Here are some of the top reasons why many people opt for paying with phone credit:

  • Security – when paying by mobile, there is no need to enter any sensitive banking information online. This means your banking information is kept safe and secure from any hackers
  • Accessibility – pay by mobile is widely available online and, in particular, in the online gambling industry
  • Convenience – this is an incredibly convenient payment method as all you need is a working mobile phone number and UK SIM card. You do not need to waste any time creating new e-wallet accounts or buying e-vouchers when using this payment method
  • Fees – there are normally no fees attached to pay by mobile payments by your service provider. However, it is important to check on the other end if there are any fees applied for this type of transaction
  • Quickness – as soon as you authorise the payment, it will instantly be transferred

Each of these points makes paying by phone credit a great option for making transactions online.


Are There Any Disadvantages to Paying with Phone Credit?

While there are many reasons to choose pay with phone credit as your payment option, there are also some disadvantages to using this payment method. Some of the top reasons to avoid paying by phone include:

  • Withdrawals – you cannot use this payment method to make withdrawals. In these cases, you will have to choose an alternative payment option
  • Deposit limits – there are limits on how much you can deposit daily and monthly with pay by phone payment options which may make it unsuitable for some people
  • Availability – while pay by mobile is available at many places online, it is not available everywhere

It is important to weigh up both the pros and cons of this payment method to decide whether or not it is right for you ultimately.

While you will not be able to transfer phone credit to your bank account, there are many other options available including spending it, donating it or keeping it. You can also spend credit by using the pay by mobile system that is secure, convenient and allows you to make transactions online easily.


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