WorldPay The Trusted Payment Partner of Online Gambling Sites

WorldPay: The Trusted Payment Partner of Online Gambling Sites

WorldPay is an online payment provider that provides electronic funds transfer services worldwide. It is owned by Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) and essentially provides merchant accounts to consumers. WorldPay is becoming increasingly popular among UK casino players thanks to its convenience when it comes to making online payments.

The online gambling industry is booming in the UK, and online payments are integral to the consumers’ experience. Different gambling platforms provide different payment methods to players, allowing them to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts easily. It is essential that the payment method employed supports international transactions and is available in multiple currencies.

In this article, we will discuss WorldPay in detail and see why it is becoming popular in the online gambling industry. This article will analyse everything from its commitment to security and user convenience and discuss the future of the payment provider.

WorldPay The Trusted Payment Partner of Online Gambling Sites

WorldPay’s Role in Online Gambling Payments

WorldPay is best known for providing electronic funds transfer services allowing users to send money internationally using their SWIFT accounts. In recent years, the payment platform became common as a B2B (business-to-business) payment method that allowed businesses to carry out transactions with firms in other countries. Today, the payment method has particularly become prevalent, especially in Europe and Asia. The bulk of its users come much closer to home, however, with 66.20% of WorldPay’s customer base coming from the UK.

The services provided by WorldPay are another reason for its rising popularity. Registering an account allows you to enjoy credit cards, ATM withdrawals, card personalisation, gift cards, merchant services, cardholder services, Debit pin processing, and fraud prevention. All these services make it ideal for making online payments across the globe.

WorldPay has recently partnered with PaySafe, another popular payment platform, to provide seamless transactions and achieve universal payment acceptance. This partnership makes it even more convenient for online gambling sites to provide WorldPay as a payment method. Players can enjoy fast transactions, high levels of security, and added convenience and peace of mind.


WorldPay’s Commitment to Security and Fraud Prevention

Since all the transactions of WorldPay are routed through SWIFT, all of SWIFT’s security policies apply to WorldPay. SWIFT is a network dedicated to providing safe and secure financial transactions globally. Since SWIFT is used by leading banks, financial institutions, corporate businesses, security dealers, and money brokers, you can rest assured that the security provided to users is top-notch.

In order to prevent fraud, WorldPay has two central policies in place. The compliance checking system stops any fraudulent payment before it reaches its destination. Secondly, the monitoring software provides real-time alerts whenever any transaction is made. This lets firms or online gambling operators recheck transactions and report suspicious or fraudulent activity immediately.

The online gambling industry is one of the most vulnerable industries regarding fraud, money laundering, and other malpractices. Therefore, ensuring your safety and trusting reputable payment platforms like WorldPay is crucial. If players are not careful, they can become victims of identity theft, money laundering, and other types of fraud common in the iGaming industry.


WorldPay’s Diverse Payment Options for Online Gambling

WorldPay supports over 300 payment options across 146 countries and 126 currencies, making it ideal for online gambling sites. The most prominent payment options include MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and JCB. WorldPay accepts both credit and debit cards, making it easy for individuals around the world to make transactions.

Thanks to worldwide acceptance, WorldPay has become the trusted payment provider of economies, businesses, and individuals. The company has won several awards and received worldwide recognition for its efforts in allowing seamless transactions globally. Its exceptional customer service is another reason WorldPay has become the preferred mode of payment in different countries.

For online gambling sites looking to broaden their customer base, the payment methods provided must be operational in different countries and accept various currencies. This makes it convenient for players from around the world to gamble online and make transactions in their locally-supported currencies. Consequently, WorldPay is an ideal payment solution for online casinos seeking customers from various regions worldwide.


WorldPay’s Partnership with Top Online Gambling Sites

Quite a few leading online gambling websites in the UK provide WorldPay as a payment method. Such casino websites allow deposits and withdrawals through WorldPay, making betting convenient and straightforward.

When choosing a casino website, the payment methods provided are a top concern for players. Considering WorldPay’s reliability, players can easily trust websites offering it as a payment option.

A survey led by WorldPay revealed that 27% of players would not choose a gambling website if their preferred mode of payment was not provided. Due to this, it makes sense for gambling operators to provide trusted payment platforms like WorldPay, as it can help them gain loyal customers that won’t look elsewhere to play their favourite casino games.



In a nutshell, WorldPay is one of the most trusted payment partners for top online gambling sites, thanks to its worldwide acknowledgement, user-friendly interface, and acceptance of more than 100 currencies.

As mentioned, emerging online casinos must cooperate with reliable payment processing solutions to succeed. Moreover, players want to ensure that all their transactions will be safe and encrypted, so they only pick payment platforms with strict security policies.

In that case, WorldPay has already gained a well-established name in the online gambling industry, especially after its partnership with PaySafe. If things go smoothly, WorldPay will become the most preferred payment method by online casino players.


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