How Do I Stop Boku Payments

How Do I Stop Boku Payments?

Author: Craig Healy Reviewed By: David Adams
Last Updated: 26th October 2022.

Are you looking to stop your Boku payments? Boku is a mobile billing payment system that allows users to make payments online using their mobile phone numbers. Cancelling Boku payments is simple to do and takes just seconds.

Carry on reading to find out exactly how to stop Boku payments, the pros and cons of using this payment method and more.

How Do I Stop Boku Payments

Guide to Stopping Your Boku Payments

Stopping your Boku payments is even easier than you think. All Boku users have to do is text one of the following keywords to the Boku service:

  1. STOP
  3. END
  5. QUIT

This number will change depending on the user, and it will be the number that was first displayed to you when you signed up to use the service. It should be noted that those who stop their Boku service in the middle of a billing cycle will not get any refund but they will not be charged for the following billing cycle.


How to Cancel Subscriptions with Boku

If you want to cancel a subscription made with Boku, you will have to log into your Boku Customer Care Portal. Here, you will be able to see your transactions and any subscriptions that you have made using Boku over the past six months. Users can click on the subscriptions tab to see the full list. If you want to cancel one, simply click on the ‘status column’ button and then ‘subscription’.

After doing this, a pop-up window will appear and there is the option to hit ‘cancel subscription’. You can double-check that the subscription has been cancelled by refreshing the page and viewing the ‘status column’ tab again which will display in red ‘cancelled’.


Blocking Boku Payments

If you are trying to stick to a gambling budget or think you have a gambling problem, you may want to block the ability to make payments via Boku. You can do this by logging into the Boku Customer Care Portal where you will see the option to ‘block my number’. A pop-up box will then open where you can enter the reason why you are blocking the payment. Click on the submit button to finalise the application. If you want to check the status of your Boku payments, log in and look for the coloured icon as this will be green when payments are active and red when payments are blocked.

Users should be 100% certain that they want to block their phone number on Boku as the process to unblock is not as easy. If you want to unblock your number, you cannot simply do this through your Boku account. You will have to give copies of your billing statement to the Boku customer support team. This is done in order to verify that you are the account holder. They will then be able to assist you in helping to unblock your number.


Can My Carrier Stop Boku Payments?

Each mobile carrier provider is different and so users will have to contact their specific carrier and request for them to stop Boku payments. Not all service providers will do this but most should be able to accommodate your request. The service providers that allow Boku payments include:

Not all network providers in the UK allow Boku payments and so this is something you may have to check with them before trying to use this mobile billing service.


The Pros and Cons of Using Boku

Boku is a hugely popular payment method that many users enjoy. However, it will not be everyone. There are both pros and cons to using this payment method that players should consider before deciding whether it is right for them.

Pros of Boku

Some of the top reasons why users choose to make Boku payments include:

  • Security – users do not have to enter sensitive banking information online to transfer money
  • Convenience – all you need to get started using Boku is a mobile device and a working UK SIM card
  • Fees – Boku does not charge you for using its service

Cons of Boku

Some of the top reasons why users choose to stop Boku payments include:

  • Deposit limits – the deposit limits at Boku are low compared to other payment methods and so those who are using Boku to gamble may find it is not suitable for high rollers
  • Withdrawal – Boku cannot be used for withdrawals and players will have to opt for a different payment method when claiming their winnings
  • Accessibility – Boku is widely available online, however, it is not available everywhere
  • Fees – while Boku does not charge you for using its service, many online casino sites do apply a deposit fee for Boku deposits of up to 15%

Players should consider these cons before using Boku as they may later have to stop Boku payments if the service is not suitable for them.


There are both reasons for and against using Boku, but if you decide it is not the right option for you, stopping your payments through the Boku portal or sending a text message is very easy and quick to do. Users also have the option to block their number from Boku transactions, although this is a little harder to reverse.


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