How Do I Deposit Money Into an Online Casino

How Do I Deposit Money Into an Online Casino?

Depositing at an online casino has never been easier. There are now various payment methods to choose from such as debit cards, e-wallets, e-vouchers and pay by phone. No matter your preference, there will be a suitable payment option for you.

Find out more below about how to deposit money into an online casino, what payment methods are available and the pros and cons for each.

How Do I Deposit Money Into an Online Casino

Step By Step Guide to Making an Online Casino Deposit

If you are new to playing at online casinos, you may wonder how to deposit cash into your account. Each payment method has its unique system for depositing cash but all have the same starting process:

  1. Before signing up to an online casino, check that it offers your preferred payment option
  2. Choose an online casino and create an account
  3. Head on over to the banking area
  4. Choose your depositing payment method
  5. Follow the instructions for your chosen payment method
  6. Get started playing all of your favourite online casino games!

Which payment method you opt for all depends on what your top priorities are. Is it security by not entering sensitive banking information into the online casino site? Is it being able to easily access a debit card or e-wallet you already have? Or maybe you are looking for the lowest fees possible. We’re diving into the most popular online casino payment methods below and how to deposit with each of them.


Depositing Money with Debit Cards

In the UK, due to Government legislation, players can no longer use credit cards to make online casino deposits. However, debit cards are still available to use. This is one of the most popular payment options for players, predominantly due to its convenience. The vast majority of players will already have a debit card they cause and almost all online casinos offer this as a payment method. Visa debit (check our list of Visa casino sites), Mastercard and Maestro are the most commonly used debit cards at online gambling sites. They are also popular as there are little to no fees and your depositing money will be transferred instantly.

Debit cards are the most convenient option for most players but there are other factors to consider. This includes the longer withdrawal processing times when using this payment method and some players may not be comfortable entering sensitive banking information into an online casino site. It should be noted that as long as you are playing at a casino that is approved by the Gambling Commission, you should have no issues using your debit card as the site will be safe and secure.

How to Make a Deposit with Debit Cards

Follow these steps to make a deposit with a debit card at an online gambling site:

  1. Create an account at your chosen online casino
  2. Visit the banking area
  3. Choose your debit card deposit payment method
  4. Enter your depositing amount
  5. You may be asked to confirm the transaction
  6. The money will instantly be transferred to your online casino account


Depositing Money with e-Wallets

Another hugely popular payment method at online casinos is the e-wallet. There are a variety of e-wallet payment options to choose from such as Skrill and Neteller but by far the most used is PayPal. No matter which one you opt for, they all work in a very similar way. The e-wallet will be connected to your bank account and acts as the middleman for transactions. This means you can keep your sensitive banking information private and the e-wallet can be used for withdrawals too. It is one of the fastest options for withdrawals as it credits your bank account instantly after the casino has processed the transaction. With this payment method, you can also expect no fees for deposits.

E-Wallets have few disadvantages but there are some aspects you may want to consider. This includes fees that may be applied for transferring casino winnings to your bank account after a withdrawal. Some e-wallets may also charge an inactivity fee if you are not using them regularly.

How to Make a Deposit with e-Wallets

Use these steps to make a deposit with an e-wallet:

  1. Choose your favourite online casino that offers your preferred e-wallet payment method
  2. Visit the banking area and choose to make a deposit
  3. Pick your e-wallet
  4. Enter your depositing amount and e-wallet details
  5. The money will instantly be transferred to your bank account


Depositing Money with e-Vouchers

e-Vouchers allow players to purchase a digital voucher that can then be used to fund their casino account. The most widely used e-Voucher available in the UK is Paysafecard. With this payment method, players do not have to enter any sensitive banking information and so get an additional layer of security. What’s more, there are no high fees associated with Paysafecard and your deposit will be transferred immediately. It offers more privacy than other payment methods as it can be bought from physical stores if you do not want the purchase visible on your bank statement.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot make withdrawals using this form of payment method. It may also sometimes be excluded from casino bonuses and promotions. Players should always check this in the casino terms and conditions.

How to Make a Deposit with e-Vouchers

Follow these steps to make a deposit with an e-Voucher such as Paysafecard:

  1. Choose an online casino offering Paysafecard as a payment method
  2. Purchase a Paysafecard voucher either online or via a physical retailer
  3. Head on over to the banking area of the casino and choose Paysafecard as your depositing payment option
  4. Enter your depositing amount and your unique Paysafecard number
  5. The money will instantly be deducted from your e-voucher and transferred to your casino account


Depositing Money with Pay by Phone

For players who want a quick and easy way to deposit money on the go via their mobile device, Pay by Phone is the ideal option. Players only need a working UK SIM card and mobile number to make deposits. Other names this may be advertised as at online casinos include Pay by Mobile and Boku.

Players cannot use this payment method for withdrawals and there can be high fees attached. For example, casinos often implement a 15% fee on Boku deposits. There are also low daily deposit limits that may not be suitable for high rollers.

How to Make a Deposit with Pay by Phone

Make a Pay by Phone deposit following these steps:

  1. Choose a Pay by Phone casino to play at
  2. Visit the banking area and choose this as your payment option
  3. Enter your mobile number and depositing amount
  4. Confirm the transaction via the code sent to you by SMS text message
  5. The money will then either be instantly deducted from pay as you go SIM cards or it will be added to your monthly phone bill for pay monthly mobile users

As you can see, there is a huge variety of payment options available. Weigh up the pros and cons of debit cards, e-vouchers, e-wallets and pay by phone to decide which one will be best suited to you and your gambling needs.


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