Can I Get Cash from ATM Without Card

Can I Get Cash from ATM Without Card?

Author: Craig Healy Reviewed By: David Adams
Last Updated: 26th October 2022.

Have you left home and suddenly realised you had forgotten your bank card? There is no need to worry as there are now options for people who want to get cash from an ATM without their card. One of the newest and most innovative ways to get cash on the go is by using a cardless ATM.

For more information on cardless ATMs, how they work, their pros and cons plus alternative ways to get ATM cash without a card, carry on reading.

Can I Get Cash from ATM Without Card

What is a Cardless ATM?

A cardless ATM is simply an ATM that allows people to withdraw cash without having their bank card on hand. There are a few ways in which this type of ATM can work:

  • Verification code – users need to have their bank’s app downloaded onto their phone and from here, they can choose what type of ATM transaction they want. The app will generate a one-time code to be entered at the ATM, along with your PIN, to authorise the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, it will be completed.
  • QR codes – some ATMs use a QR code system to dispense money cardless. Users will have to request the withdrawal on their banking app and the ATM will display a QR code. Scan the QR code with your mobile device to complete the transaction and get your money
  • Near-field communication – near-field communication is the technology used with services such as ApplePay. All you have to do is open up the banking app on your mobile and select what bank account you want to withdraw cash from. Tap your phone against the ATM reader and you will then be asked to enter your PIN. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will get your cash

Each of these cardless ATM methods makes it incredibly easy to get cash out if you do not have your bank card to hand.


Why Should I Get Cash at an ATM Without a Card?

There are many reasons why more and more people are opting to leave their bank cards at home and get money out of an ATM without it. Here are some of the top advantages of a cardless ATM:

  • Leave your card at home – one of the best reasons to use a cardless ATM is so you can leave your card at home. There is no need to carry around a heavy wallet filled with bank cards as all you need to make this transaction is a mobile device
  • Security – no matter how safe and aware you are, you can still fall victim to pickpockets and so removing the need for a bank card makes many people feel more secure
  • Fewer germs – no one wants to cash a cold from the person in front of them who has just lifted cash out of the ATM. By using the contactless service, you will not need to touch the ATM nearly as much and can avoid dreaded germs
  • Convenience – using the cardless ATM system is very easy and users can make this transaction in a matter of seconds. It is also more convenient to have all of your bank cards stored away safely on your phone so you have their information at all times
  • Account accessibility – most people tend to use the same bank account as they do not bring out their bank cards for others. With a cardless ATM, it will be much easier to access all of your accounts on the go

It is easy to see why so many people are now switching from using their bank cards to using a cardless ATM.


What Are the Cons of a Cardless ATM Machine?

Although there are many advantages of using a cardless ATM, there are still some cons too which should be considered before opting for this payment method. Some of the cardless ATM aspects that users do not like include:

  • Accessibility – unfortunately, cardless ATMs are not yet widespread and available to everyone, which can be frustrating if this is your preferred way to get cash
  • Security – while you won’t be pickpocketed for cash using this method, there are other ways in which online scammers can steal your money and sensitive information
  • Mobile devices – users will need to have access to not just any mobile device but a smartphone mobile device as it needs to be compatible with your bank’s downloadable app

Before using a cardless ATM, make sure you are not going to be hampered from using it by any of these disadvantages.


What Are My Other Options to Get ATM Cash Without a Card?

If a cardless ATM is not the right fit for you, there are still other ways in which you can get cash from an ATM without a bank card. Some of your options include:

  • Visit your bank – if you do not have your bank card, you can still go into your bank and get a cash withdrawal from the staff behind the desk. Just remember to bring along your ID
  • Cheque – Another option to withdraw cash without a bank card is to do so via a cheque. This cannot be done at an ATM and so you will need to visit your local bank
  • Cashback – if you have your debit card but are not near an ATM, a different method to withdraw cash is by requesting cashback at a store. This is not available everywhere, however, and usually the cashback limit is very low

If you are struggling to withdraw cash, these options will be able to help you in a variety of situations.

Cardless ATMs are increasingly becoming the go-to option for those who want to withdraw cash from their account but do not carry around their bank card. It is an easy way to withdraw money, it is fast, it is very secure and allows you to access multiple bank accounts on the go.


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