What Are the Fees and What Else Do You Have to Know About Pay by Phone Casinos?

Pay by Phone online casinos are great. They’re convenient, easy to use and quick, meaning that they pretty much offer everything you could hope for. As with most other payment methods, you do need to think about the costs though, as the pay by phone method does have charges. You can learn about the fees on this page, plus we’re also going to let you know a few other things you need to know about pay by phone casinos as well.

Pay by Phone Fees Explained

The first thing to say is this: the pay by phone company does not charge you any money at all. Instead, they charge the casino you’re paying money into. Unfortunately, the casino doesn’t absorb these costs – instead, they’re generally passed onto you, the player. If we ever find a casino that lets you deposit for free using pay by mobile, we’ll be sure to let you know!

The fee for depositing at most casinos using pay by mobile is usually 15% of the transaction value. So, if you were depositing £10, you’d have a to pay a £1.50 charge. We know that this makes pay by mobile one of the more expensive payment methods out there, however this extra expense means that you can use perhaps the most secure payment method around. Also, you should remember that most other payment methods, including Skrill, Neteller and PayPal (be sure to check out our list of casinos that accept PayPal), all also have fees associated with them.

Deposit Limits

It is also important to say this: you can only deposit a maximum of £30 per transaction when you pay using pay by phone, and you can also only deposit up to £30 per day. This isn’t just for those depositing at casinos though – every other person using pay by phone for anything has this same restriction. £30 is generally enough for most online casino players, however some high rollers might want to think of a different way to add money to their online casino accounts.

There is a way around the £30 limit though, and it’s this: just make multiple deposits. There is nothing stopping you from depositing £30 on as many consecutive days as you want, and £30 a day should be enough for most. Of course, you should keep an eye on the amount of money you’re spending when using this payment method though.

Bonuses for Pay by Phone Users

Bonuses are massively important for many players, and the keener eyed amongst you will have noticed that there are some payment methods that aren’t eligible for bonuses. This is especially the case when it comes to Neteller and Skrill deposits. There is nothing to worry about if you deposit using your mobile though, as you’ll still usually have access to all the bonuses and promotions an online casino can offer.

This means that you’ll usually be able to receive the huge welcome bonus offered by a site, plus you can also claim bonuses like reload bonuses and free spins. You should always double check that you’re eligible for bonuses before depositing at an online casino though.


That should cover most of the things you need to know before using a pay by mobile casino site. You should also now realise why this payment method is so popular with players. So, the next time you want to play video poker, table games or mobile slots pay with phone credit should be your preferred way to deposit!


Review Name: What Are the Fees and What Else Do You Have to Know About Pay by Phone Casinos?
Author: Paybyphone Admin
Published Date: 11/11/2018