How Do I Pay With My iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos

How Do I Pay With My iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos?

One of the most popular ways to deposit cash at mobile casinos is via the iPhone wallet. This digital wallet was first launched back in 2014 and allows users to connect their wallet to their debit card, allowing for contactless payments.

If you want to learn how to make iPhone wallet payments at mobile casinos, the pros and cons of this payment method, safety, fees and more, make sure to carry on reading.

How Do I Pay With My iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos

What is ApplePay?

When you use your iPhone wallet to make payments, this is called Apple Pay. Apple Pay makes it easier than ever to transfer cash without needing to pull out your debit card. All that is needed is your mobile phone and you are ready to go. Here’s how you can set up your Apple Pay e-wallet today:

  1. Double check with your bank that they support Apple Pay payments
  2. Open up the wallet app on your mobile device
  3. Add your debit card details either manually or via the scanning tool

Now that you have your Apple Pay account all set up, you can start making deposits at your favourite online casinos.


How to Pay with Your iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos

After setting up your Apple Pay iPhone wallet account, you can make a deposit at your chosen mobile casino. Here’s a step by step guide on making an Apple Pay casino deposit:

  1. Check before signing up to an online casino that it offers Apple Pay
  2. Log into your casino account
  3. Visit the banking and deposit area
  4. Choose Apple Pay as your depositing payment method
  5. Enter how much you want to deposit
  6. Use touch or face ID to confirm the transaction
  7. The money will instantly be transferred to your casino account
  8. Get started playing all of your favourite gambling games!

As you can see, making deposits at online casinos using Apple Pay is incredibly easy and takes just seconds to complete. This means more time can be spent gambling on your favourite games.


Is it Safe to Deposit with Apple Pay at Online Casinos?

The short answer is yes, it is safe to deposit with Apple Pay at online casinos. This payment method is provided by Apple, which has a reputation for creating very secure products. Not only that, players in the UK can only use this payment method at gambling sites that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Additional layers of security are also provided by using Apple Pay as your sensitive banking information is protected and not handed over to the casino. This makes it much less likely you will fall victim to hacking and fraudsters.


Can I Still Claim Casino Bonuses When Depositing with Apple Pay?

Yes, if you are using your iPhone wallet to make deposits at online casinos, you will still be eligible to claim any bonuses or promotions such as bonus cash or free spins. Of course, there may be the odd casino exception that makes Apple Pay deposits not eligible for bonuses. For this reason, you should always check the terms and conditions before signing up to play at any online casino and making a deposit.


Why Should I Pay with My iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos?

Many players are opting to use their iPhone wallet at mobile casinos over other payment methods. There are lots of reasons for this including:

  • Ease of use – if you have an iPhone, this is one of the easiest payment methods to access and use as most players will already have a debit card connected up to their digital wallet. If you do not, all you have to do to get started is add your debit card. With this payment method, you are not required to sign up for any new e-wallets, be bombarded with big fees or download a mobile app
  • Accessibility – Apple Pay is available at a wide array of mobile casinos and not only that, you can use it to make other purchases too as many UK stores accept Apple Pay
  • Security – Apple has a great world-wide reputation for providing high-quality and extremely secure products. Apple Pay is no different. When making your transaction, your bank details are never provided to the other party and so the possibility of being hacked is extremely low
  • Fees – there are no fees to use your iPhone wallet and Apple Pay. There are, for the most part, also never any fees applied by the mobile casino to use this payment method
  • Fast – deposits with your iPhone wallet are instant

As Apple Pay offers fast, easy, secure and fee-free payments, in less than a decade it has become one of the top payment methods used by online gamblers in the UK.


What Are the Disadvantages of Using My iPhone Wallet at Mobile Casinos?

Like all payment methods, there are still some disadvantages that come with using your iPhone wallet. Cons of using Apple Pay to make mobile casino deposits include:

  • Apple only product – Apple Pay is an Apple exclusive product and so you will need an iPhone or other Apple device such as a tablet to use it. It is not available to Android users
  • Availability – Apple Pay is becoming accepted at more and more online casinos, however, it is not available at all casinos and may not yet be an option at your favourite mobile casino
  • Withdrawals – you can make withdrawals using Apple Pay but your bank may still have longer processing times to transfer the cash from the casino to your bank account

The pros of using Apple Pay far outweigh any cons, which is why so many players opt for this payment method. If your mobile casino of choice accepts Apple Pay, it is a great payment method to use.

Overall, Apple Pay mobile casinos are a great way to easily deposit and gamble online. They require minimal effort to set up and most players will already have their debit card linked to their iPhone wallet. You can then enjoy making fast, secure and convenient transactions that are confirmed with touch or face ID.


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